Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Hair Elastic for me

I have a very clear believe , which I try to never pass over it :  If u can do something alone, never ask for others help!  
 In my case now, is that, I will never buy any what I can do it by  my self, and I would never pay enormous money for a thing which I can do it .

Same thing happened with the hair elastic . I bought some time ago from e-bay around 100 plain hair elastics, and use them as for me as for my daughter . Design them as I want and like . My husband when first saw my hair elastic , he didn't believe that I'm doing them by my self :)
Smiled and said that I bought it from somewhere .
In order to prove him, I made another hair elastic and  gave it to my mom .

The things are quiet easy , u will need just an elastic, any kind of rope, buttons u like, and a crochet.

Lace flower head band

Continue with my head band addiction :)
My husband bought me a skirt from Latvia , and with it I got this gorgeous lace ribbon 

As the color is a screaming one I didn't know on what to use it , because what ever would be it would get all attention :)

I've decided to make a new head band for my daughter , this color wasn't in our collection :)
The process goes same way as the previous headband, just take a felt circle and glue the ribbon on it , but this one comes more fluffy  :)

Sorry for the pictures quality , lazy to get the camera , and also takes some time to run after my daughter with the iphone.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Head bands mania :)

My daughter's sleeping, so I got some spare time, and can share few more head bands :)

when ever I surf the internet I always save plenty of pictures I like, or works I wish to make, same way happened this time.

 I found this master class pictures : 

I already don't remember whom they belong to , so asking sorry if the person may not agree that I'm posting them .

  Here comes my copy of the flower ..

Rose head band !

 From a while I think I got addicted to this head bands, making them without stop .... my daughter just see me with a head band in my hands and start escaping :)))))

Today I will be sharing a headband, something similar to a rose .... 
After I made the rose flower on my daughter autumn hat, remained a lot of pieces of fabric.... I was moving them from side to side , until decided to use them  ( as in my case I find usage for everything  )

 As a base , there's nothing complicated in it , just roll ur fabric in the shape of a rose, then stitch it, to stay in place , having some beads to add ,would be perfect , but even without them it looks pretty well.

All depends of ur imagination and wish to create ..... 
I never start my work with a clear idea of what I want to make .... just take all the fabric and start looking, and then depends on my mood I start rolling them , and shaping them, until it's meet my expectations :)

Hair elastic with the Irish Rose

The Irish Rose found it's new usage !

After making the Master Class on crocheting the Irish Rose,I ended up having a flower which needs to be used in something .   Good luck on me , because my daughter got as a Christmas gift few hair elastics.  I looked at them and couldn't understand what is missing , until I saw on the table my crocheted rose. Here it's came the idea to combine them. 

The process looks so ....

 This is the 2nd life of my Stenders box :)     , my husband until now having fun on me , saying that I can  find usage for everything around me   !!! 

 Here is how it's look on my daughter !

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