Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Baked apples... my favorite :)

I was surfing now my pictures and found few pics of my apples bake.... I was taking pics to share the process with my husband :)
If u never tried a baked apple, then u simply HAVE TO....
What u have to do is :   
- Clean the apples middle, but not up the end, bc still we have to fill them with honey and this way all honey will get out .
- Fill the space with honey , as much as u wish, but carefully  it melts and run out of the apples. Same way u can fill it with sugar .
- Very important to put under the apples a baking paper.
- Bake at 180 C, maybe even little less, this is not principled.

I have been asked : how many minutes to bake ?
To be serious I have no idea, all depends of apples sort, apples sizes, and how thick is the apples cover. the apples just have to get soft, and get this brownie color on top ( don't burn them :)))))   )

That's it..... can be served hot , either cold, both ways tasty .

Bon appetit! 

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