Monday, May 13, 2013

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Owl Purse free pattern and master class .

This days I have been surfing the internet looking for a nice purse or small bag my daughter. In my search I found this Hip-Girl Purse Pattern from Irisha'12 ( she has also a veryyy clear patten on how she made her purse and I want to thank her for her great work, because of her I started to make my daughter purse) and this Crochet Pattern Owl Purse. As many of u already know, I'm not a fan of paying money for what I can do by my self , especially if having the free time to do it . So I decided to combine both ideas of purse.

I started with Irisha pattern , which I will add it here  too : 

I followed her pattern up to the line 4 , then I started to fully include my imagination . As my thread was thin, I used Yarn Art Begonia,( was having remaining pieces from my other works ),and hood 2.5, her pattern was tooo small for me, so I needed to add more line to it .

 I tried to draw my own pattern, but it really killed me .

As I said I followed Irishka'12 pattern up to the line 4 , then I made mine,where the adds are made on last double crochet. So after the line 3 follow fully the pattern from down . If u wish u can follow fully Irish'12 pattern or this one from the hat base from down, which is a circle , all based on ur wish.

Here is my work :

  From this point follow the Instagram picture pattern :

The closure, followed same pattern , but made the fully 10 line, to complete the circle.

As my daughter collecting all types of small stones I've decided to make up and a lining, so that her things don't fall from the purse .

For the Owl Eyes I used this pattern :

Here it is our Owl Purse :


  1. This is really wonderful! Many are selling such patterns and to get it free is painful. Thanks a billion


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